Monday, July 13, 2009

High Sierra Music Festival

Here we are, Diane and David, owners of ORGANIC NATION, enjoying our Bloody Mary 'ala Dave Marg.' at the wild and wacky High Sierra Music Festival July 2-5 at Quincy, CA.  Last year, we were fortunate enough to meet Dave Marguiles, producer of the HSMF, who had moved to Ashland.  He made an offer we couldn't refuse.  So, we packed the car with hundreds of lbs of spirits, to donate to the performers of the ilk of John Butler, Ani De Franco, Red Cortez and headed out!  This was the first year that HSMF got their Distilled Spirits liquor license, so people could get a tasty Bloody Mary and a yummy Strawberry  Lemon Drop and the old stand by, G & T, spruced up with Q Tonic at one of the 6 different bars! The Shepard family of Lille Belle Chocolates fame, was there showing off their Ultimate Martini White Chocolate using Organic Nation Gin ~unbelievably delicious!! 
 April Starlight and Amanda Campa were our 
Organic Nation Ambassadors extraordinaire. They really have their act together and people flocked to them for tastings.  We paired with Molly Foehl,  Q Tonic rep, to give samples of our Organic spirits with their organic agave, hand picked quinine, top shelf Tonic.  It is a definite pairing made in organic heaven!
We'll be back next year and have our own Bar that we work at, create our own delicious cocktails and listen to lots of dynamite music.  We saw some local Ashlanders there, Julie O' Dwyer of Tease and Karen Loop of 6th St. It was really fun and pretty exhausting living in a tent town of about 7000 people!  In good spirits, DP

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