Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mixologist Spotlight: Teal Stanley

Gin Mint Lemonade 2 oz. Organic Nation Gin 2-3 sugar cubes muddled with 10 juicy mint leaves 3 lemon wedges - squeezed Shaken then top with soda Serve this one on the rocks ....or if you want an expert to mix this up for you, swing by the Bella Union Restaurant and Saloon and Teal will take care of it. She has her own mint patch on the garden patio. Teal's committed! She's been working at the Bella Union for 10 years, mixing drinks 6 days a week. She loves Mixology. Fresh and forward thinking when developing a drink, she also loves to take the tried and true classics and tweak them into a new variation or an all new cocktail. Need a bright spot at the end of your day? Teal Stanely and the Bella Union is it, always busy, always upbeat. Cheers! Amy

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