Friday, August 14, 2009

Diane and David Imbibe the Best

Diane and David, owners of Organic Nation, took off to Portland last week to enjoy the Chef's Collaborative dinner. Of course this wasn't their only stop. They stopped into their favorite bars to pay respects and gratitude, with a handful of friends and family including David's son Jason, his wife Lucy, Diane's daughter, Natalie and her fabulous beau, Sean from Andina.
First up: the newly famed Jacob Grier of Carlyle, who took Gold honors at the Oregon Bartenders Guild Mixology competition with his 'Gallagher' cocktail (featuring our Gin) and 'Mandeville' (featuring Dolmen Worker Bee). Both cocktails were crowd pleasers at the event and certainly well appreciated by Diane, David and their company as guests of Jacob's last Saturday! Diane gifted Jacob a bottle of Vodka for his excellent talents and the clan left the joint promising to dine there on their next trip!
Diane (CEO of the Company) and David (V.P./ Distiller) were off to visit their long time friend Jeffery Morgenthaler at Clyde Common, where they had him pull a cocktail featuring Organic Nation Gin from his vast repertoire. Diane's favorite was his Gin and Tonic, made with his homemade tonic. Diane is a little wistful, since they don't carry our Vodka. And fun was had by all indeed!
Everyone enjoyed a little weekend imbibing, but the fun didn't stop there! In Eugene, Diane and David stopped into Sweetwaters, where Lucas Bhur mixes up a handful of fabulous Organic Nation infusions featured on their menu. Diane gifted him with one of our fantastic organic t-shirts.
From the specialty menu at Sweetwaters:
River Breeze
Honey grapefruit infused Vodka served over ice with fresh grapefruit squeezed on top with a splash of POM juice to round things off.
Signing off, Melodie.

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