Thursday, February 11, 2010

600 new love affairs

Diane Paulson led the way in an ever so successful week at the Go Green Expo, L.A. Diane and Organic Nation Spirits Broker, Jack Maydon, poured well over 600 samples to an appreciative crowd, who expressed a passionate desire for the Vodka and Gin. Diane went on to do a radio show with Rhonda DeFelice on L.A. Talk Radio pontificating for an hour on the benefits of being Green and responsibly operating a Sustainable business, as well as facts about our distillery. It was Johnny Dam, of L.A. Talk Radio's: The Damage Report, who summed it up perfectly 'It (organic nation gin) dances on your tongue!" and then proceeded to do a little jig!
For more, visit our news page and of course, Think Green, Go Green!

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