Tuesday, April 5, 2011

American Craft Vodkas

SAVEUR Magazine recently did a tasting of American Craft Distilled Spirits.  They were joined by Alexis Kahn, Director of Beverage Services at The French Culinary Institute in NYC and Ethan Kelley, founder of Drink Straight,  to sample "...an impressive lineup of American Craft Vodkas..."

Organic Nation vodka was one of their favorites:  "With a silky mouthfeel, a slight sweetness, and a smooth kick on the finish, Cascade Peak Spirit's Organic Nation Vodka goes nicely with herbaceous and citrus flavors."

 They developed a crafty cocktail: Celery Cider with O-N.  Check out issues #136 & 137 of SAVEUR for more information.

7-Craft-Vodka-400Second from left in rear, Organic Nation is standing tall with its beautiful colors.

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  1. Would love to try some of your spirits. I'm a beer man myself. Are there and "Organic" beer brewers? Hmmm. Let me check