Thursday, July 21, 2011

Gigi, Concierge` Extraordinaire @ Ashland Spring Hotel

Gigi La Rossa, is a great fan and supporter of ORGANIC NATION!  She has even been known to make her own Bourbon Balls using some of our Bourbon that David created in 2008 with the helpful hands of Thomas McKenzie of Finger Lakes Distillery in NY.

She is tireless and always ready with a helpful hint about where to go, what to do and even sometimes what to Imbibe! (that would be local certified organic spirits~ORGANIC NATION vodka and gin!)   Thanks Gigi, it is friends like you who help a small little business make a go of it!  

Check out LARKS, restaurant & bar in the Ashland Springs Hotel for great food, atmosphere and Salisha, their bartender, who is continually crafting delicious ORGANIC NATION cocktails.

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