Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Taste of Ashland

It was a beautiful day, sunny and warm!  And the Tasters were out!   Once again, ORGANIC NATION Spirits wowed the crowd.  Besides serving tastes of both our luscious spirits, we had a yummy BEE'S KNEES, that classic 1920's cocktail mix, to offer. We were at Backroads Studio, where Harriet Greene and Marty Goldman live and create incredible works of art.   To round things out, Mystic Treats was serving up delicious pizza, such as their Southern Oregon, which features hazelnuts, figs and gorgonzola cheese!

I think that the local bars might be inundated with requests so here is the recipe for you to give them:

2 oz. of ORGANIC NATION gin
3/4 oz - 1 oz. fresh squeezed organic lemon juice
1 oz. honey syrup
Shake with ice in a shaker and serve UP in a gorgeous Martini glass

Honey syrup:   mix 1:1 local honey to water, heat up to meld.
**This is a cocktail that you have to taste as you go, you might need more honey, if the lemons are tarter than usual or less honey if the honey is stronger than some.   Taste away and enjoy on a nice warm day!

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