Friday, December 21, 2012

OldField Rye Whiskey has arrived!

Since 2008, we have been handcrafting the highest quality, award winning ORGANIC NATION Spirits.  In 2009, we decided to unleash our creativity by venturing into the world of Whiskey.
We are proud to offer OldField Rye Whiskey.  OldField is a  small batch crafted, limited release,  organic spicy rye, 85% organic rye and 35% organic malt at 89º, it has a bit of sweet vanilla and cinnamon notes.  Aged 22 mos. in New Oak barrels.
Since we are passionate about keeping Oregon pristine, our rye grain for the whiskey was grown organically, within 50 miles from our Distillery by Pacific Botanicals organic herb and grain farm.
Hurry, send us an email immediately as we are selling it out of our Distillery or visit one of the only three liquor stores in So. Oregon that are carrying this limited release:  Ashland Liquor, Talent Liquor and Southside Beverage.  Great Christmas or New Year's gift for that discerning whiskey lover!    And here's to Lucky '13!

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  1. I've had Benromach and really liked it. I also have Crop vodka- they make organic plain, cucumber and tomato vodkas. I've only had the cucumber but it's a great sipping vodka. Just straight over ice, but would make a good martini too.