Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!
In Honor of all of our consumers, we will be keeping you updated as the week goes on about the different ways Organic Nation Spirits makes sure our carbon foot print is small as possible (and hopefully invisible someday).
Most of you already know the benefits of purchasing Organic, I was lucky enough to have Annie Hoy from the Ashland Food Cooperative offer an eloquent statement in answer to the simple question...


‘Organic uses no toxic chemicals. Because of that, not only does organic

farming improve air and water quality, it protects farmworkers from

pesticide contamination.

Organic supports smaller scale regional farmers. These organic farmers are

leaders in innovative research conducted on the farm at their own expense.

Multinational companies or governments do not fund their research, making it

truly independent.

Organic means no genetically modified seeds have been used. Plants grown

using organic methods are stronger. The soil is alive with micro-organisms

and is more fertile. That means an overall healthier ecosystem which

ultimately means a healthier YOU.

Organic: it's as close to Nature as you can get.’

Annie Hoy – Ashland Food Cooperative

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