Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mixologist Spotlight: Chris Churilla

Truffle Shuffle: Organic Nation Gin Black Truffle Tincture Grand Marnier House Grenadine Lemon Twist Chris Churilla of Downward Dog in Corvallis spoke of his "speakeasy list" when I asked for a specialty cocktail, which holds the key to some his most creative cocktails. Rule one to this list, it is only available by request (they keep it 'locked- up') and rule two; you will be speaking jibberish if you ask anyone but owner Cloud Davidson or Chris to hear the list. Chris shared one of the drinks on this list featuring his own hand made tincture and Organic Nation Gin... I was lucky enough to have had this tasty Cocktail last time I was in town. Thanks Chris! Be sure to checkin each week to see what each mixologist of the week has mixed up! If you would like to have you and your Organic Nation Cocktail featured here email

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