Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mixologist Spotlight: Salisha Early

The Gin Blossom
Organic Nation Gin
Fresh Grapefruit Juice
Garnish with Oregon Blackberries and a sprig of Mint
Salisha's martini's are truly remarkable. But her new cocktail menu and the Gin Blossom has again put her and Larks on the map! If you want to relax and feel pampered, it's time to stop in and visit with Salisha to eat, drink or both. On a plate or in a glass, you will appreciate fresh fruits, veggies and herbs that are local, in season and likely organic. If she is not mixing your favorite cocktail, look for Salisha on the tennis or racquetball court, softball or excelling in other high energy sports. Salisha's big attraction is her fun loving attitude. She says if you're not having fun, then most likely your customers are not either. I've always had fun at Larks Restaurant, that's another reason it's on my favorites list.

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