Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Art in the Atrium

Art in the Atrium served up to be a hit. Bo and Typhoon sponsor a table of wine and appetizers every First Friday in Bend, OR. This month I joined in and offered our Organic Spirits. Throughout the evening Kilani and I encouraged the love of libations and culinary treats to the sounds of music. 'Vodka anyone?' - I believe I saw a few love affairs develop on first taste of the spirits (our Gin has a way of sweeping people off their feet).
Bo is closely run with Typhoon in Downtown Bend which both serve up top notch Thai Cuisine. Whether you crave the original and unique flavors that make you reminisce a trip to the beach holiday destination or a nouvo twist on a classic, Typhoon and Bo bring it to the table.
After Kilani and I finished up, there was no better choice than to head over to Typhoon for a cocktail and dinner. Steve mixed me up his special of the night consisting of cucumber, cilantro, Organic Nation Vodka and hint of spicy thai chilis! For dinner I chose the Curry Roma, an awesome combination of pasta wrapped scallops and shrimp topped with fried basil and a perfectly spicy green curry.
Thanks to the staff at Typhoon and Bo who welcomed me and my spirits!
Cheers, till next time!

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