Thursday, August 20, 2009

Best of Portland brought the heat on.

I mixed no less than 1000 cocktails that hot Wednesday evening. My fingers were left wrinkled from the citrus that permeated my skin, and the seepage under my nails left me having flash backs of busy bartending nights. The crowd, none-the-less, was appreciative of all the samplings and had a keen appreciation for the Organic Nation gin and Brain Tonic cocktail (I am still hoping for a clever name to pop up, suggestions welcome).
The best of Portland event put on by Willamette Week beamed with success. Local Portlanders cruised in after work to dip into the goodies; Socializing to the live music and good food & spirits. Then there was the 'reporter dunk tank', just in case you have a pent up issue or grudge with a local media person. On site vendors included, the Grilled Cheese Cart, which I will add makes a killer grilled cheese using mascarpone cheese. There were Absinthe slushy’s! handmade donuts and much more. I will confess, I never had a chance to check out the entire event, which was a really good problem to have, being that our booth was highly popular! Everyone couldn’t get enough of the Organic Nation vodka and Lemongrass Dry Soda or the now famed O-N gin and Brain TonIQ’s cocktails.
Best of Portland was fantastic and we hope to see many of you at any and all of our upcoming events in the Portland area. Support the movement to keep it local; Drink local and drink organic.

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