Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Love affair with Culinary Arts

Maralyn Hill brings a wealth of experience and passion to the Food & Spirits industry. Diane, owner of Organic Nation Spirits, has been in touch with Maralyn since their friendship developed at the Ashland Springs Hotel's Chocolate Festival in March '09. Learning about Maralyn's talents and where they come from has been a gift, so much that I wanted to bring it to light for our fans and followers to enjoy!
'My physical home is Arizona, but I consider the world my true home. I derive my energy from different cultures and love being exposed to all aspects of different cultures. It seems many times the gate or tarmac could be considered home if you count time spent in either place.
Born in Chicago, with my first train ride at 2 weeks, I developed my love of travel early. Having a family who excelled in food preparation of many cultures is somewhat responsible for introducing me to appreciation of all aspects of food.
I pursued careers that allowed me to follow my dream of food and travel worldwide. Now, as a freelance writer and author, I focus on food of all cultures: Attending 2009 Bocuse d’Or in Lyon, France, with a French Master Chef friend and my frequent writing partner; covering the Taste of the Caribbean; and judging the Oregon Chocolate Festival and Taste of Fallbrook.
In addition to freelance writing, I’m President of the International Food, Wine and Travel Writers Association. I enjoy assisting our members in achieving more success with their careers (that goes back to my Masters in Organizational Development). I have a blog called “Where and What in the World,” as well as “Success,” a blog on writing. I’ve co-authored three books with Brenda C. Hill (no relation). The first was “Our Love Affairs with Food & Travel,” “Cooking Secrets…The Why and How,” co-authored with Master French Chef Herve Laurent, and INDIE Finalist, “Success, Your Path to a Successful Book.”
Maralyn enjoys writing about and supporting the lesser known artisan and delicious businesses. Seeing them grown and gain recognition from producing exceptional products is a wonderful reward. She is delighted to be introduced to new companies, tasting and promoting them through her writing. Her background is marketing and organizational development. She also enjoys being a judge and covering events just about anywhere. The people she meets and stories she hears make it worthwhile.'
You can contact Maralyn at or call 480.840.3420. Check out her

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