Thursday, June 3, 2010

Taking Chocolate to new extremes

Extreme Chocolates is a quality based confection and patisserie company that just keeps pushing the envelope!
Flavors run amok, ideas whirl uncontrolled and the result is a fabulous chaos. They explore how to take a conventional product and take them over the edge! Owner and Chef/Chocolatier, Carrie Wong, has been a fan and advocate of our products since we met at the Oregon Chocolate Festival at the Ashland Springs Hotel, Mar. 2009. At the time, she was using an imported French vodka. Once we introduced ourselves, chatted about local, organic, it was an easy sale and Carrie and Organic Nation started doing business. It is great to collaborate with another Oregon business to create a superior product that supports the Oregon economy. And yes we LOVE her chocolates!
According to Carrie Wong, Founder/CEO: "We grabbed the best Organic Vodka Produced in Oregon – Organic Nation- and began producing the finest slow brewed vanilla extract with amazing results – and that’s not just our opinion, Gourmet Magazine agrees! Now, we have released the creative juices once again and are brewing our own pure lemon extract in a base of Organic Nation premium Gin! Hang on – this one will rock your world! If we can create these items with a little great booze, vanilla beans and a lemon – imagine what we can do with chocolate! Oh My!"
Some of their inspirations: Grains of Paradise in Dark Sumpaz Single Origin Chocolate Truffles, Smoked Maracaibo Chocolate with Hawaiian Sea Salt Truffles,
Padron Cigar Infused Dark Chocolate Truffles
And so much more….keep an eye on them at
Extreme Chocolate Girl
2 oz Organic Nation Vodka
½ oz Extreme Chocolates' Dark Chocolate Pinot Sauce
½ oz Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur
½ tsp Extreme Chocolates' Vanilla Extract
2 oz Extreme Chocolates' Dark Chocolate, melted in a squeeze bottle
Take a chilled Cocktail glass and squeeze a swirl design inside the glass with the melted chocolate.
In a shaker, add ice cubes, then Vodka, Chocolate Sauce, Chocolate Liqueur & Vanilla
Shake vigorously for 30 seconds and strain into chilled glass – enjoy!
Thanks Carrie!

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