Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Toast a cocktail to help the 'Lost Dog's'

21st Paradigm Presents “Lost Dogs”
An evening with award winning filmmaker Vanessa Schulz, featuring Dr. Byron Maas of Animal Balance and Allison Lance and Danielle Thompson of SPECIEES
Event proceeds to fund completion of documentary film “Lost Dogs”
Vanessa Schulz of 21st Paradigm teams with Dr. Byron Maas of Animal Balance, and Allison Lance and Danielle Thompson of SPECIEES.
Contributors include; 21st Paradigm, Wieden + Kennedy, Jim Riswold, Dotty Parker Design, Twist Cocktail Catering and Organic Nation Spirits
The event will be targeting community members to raise awareness of the global stray dog crisis and share a preview of filmmaker Vanessa Schulz’ latest feature documentary in production, “Lost Dogs.” The evening also includes presentations by Allison Lance, Danielle Thompson, and Dr. Byron Maas on their efforts to increase sterilization and humane canine population management around the world. A custom art piece created by renowned artist and former Wieden + Kennedy creative director Jim Riswold will also be auctioned to benefit “Lost Dogs.”
The event will be held at Wieden + Kennedy (224 NW 13th Avenue, Portland, OR)
Saturday, June 5th, 6 PM
Some of you may ask why? “Lost Dogs” explores the extraordinary lives of street dogs, and uncovers the story of the inspiring activists who risk everything they have to protect the dogs. It began with one dog capturing the world’s attention by performing a death-defying and heroic act. The incident, caught on surveillance camera, reveals the epidemic problem of Chile’s homeless pet population.
For more information or to visit the Lost Dog's site, go here.
Contact for media features and materials:
Vanessa Schulz: - 541.868.7646

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