Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tis' the season

Extreme Chocolates could be a title easily misunderstood by the wrong consumer. Carrie Wong of Salem, has tackled a niche that most wouldn't even consider, hand crafting an organic vanilla extract, to be used for cooking and baking. That's extreme! She starts with Organic Nation Vodka, made in Ashland Oregon (and fulfilling the highest regiment of Organic Certification) and adds Madagascar Vanilla Beans and her own touch, 12 months later the delicate blend is bottled in 4oz frosted bottles and prepped for sale. Carrie is the only brewer on the west coast, you can find more information and where to buy here. Carrie also crafts some of the finest chocolates around. A lovely Holiday treat!
P.S. If you are itching for some crafty holiday gift ideas contact me ( ) or go onto Carries homepage for a collection of different dessert ideas.

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